Litera leverages GenAI to create trusted legal assistant`

Litera global leader in legal technology solutions has announced an innovative new generative AI feature in Kira, Litera’s AI-powered contract review and analysis software. Generative AI further accelerates and improves workflows for the setup, review, analysis, and synthesis phases of due diligence and other contract reviews, empowering legal teams to discover and verify information, export results, and produce reports faster than ever and with total confidence.

Kira provides legal teams with accuracy and efficiency in reviewing and analysing contracts and other documents. Trained by Litera’s in-house Legal Knowledge Engineering team of experienced attorneys on over one million contracts and 500,000 examples. Kira Smart Summaries, enables enhanced accuracy and speed in synthesising content in contracts and other documents, resulting in faster recommendations and strategic advice to clients.

Source: ITBrief






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