LexisNexis Unveils Two New Generative AI Products

Shortly after introducing Lexis+ AI LexisNexis is keeping the momentum going by introducing two more products that use generative AI.

Lexis Snapshot, provides AI-generated summaries in alerts of new case filings. These summaries include the nature of the case, plaintiff and defendant, alleged harm, and requested remedies and can help recipients assess whether to read the complaint in more detail. There is no limit on the length of complaint the product can summarize.

Lexis Create with Lexis+ AI, brings generative AI drafting assistance to the Lexis Create add-in for Microsoft Word. Now, with the addition of Lexis+ AI, Lexis Create users get access to generative AI functions directly while drafting a document in Microsoft Word. The product brings three generative AI functions to Word:

  • Ask a legal question.
  • Generate a draft.
  • Summarize a case.

LexisNexis said it will add more tasks over time, including “smart redlining” to show how a document has changed over several versions, and clause benchmarking, to benchmark draft clauses against resources such as Practical Guidance.

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