LexBlog Develops AI Integration to Help Legal Bloggers and Marketers Plan, Refine and Publicize their Blog Posts

LexBlog announced the release of Lou, a suite of gen AI-powered tools that aims to assist law firm professionals, including lawyers, with blogging and publishing marketing content. LexBlog has built Lou through an integration with ChatGPT; using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, to help law firm marketing efforts enabling legal professionals to publish posts and articles 30% faster than before.

Lou appears as a menu of options in the right panel in LexBlog’s custom WordPress interface. The options are organized into three sections: Inspiration, Improve and Share. Providing a new level of efficiency and productivity that empowers your legal professionals to focus on what truly matters.

There is nothing that Lou does that you could not do yourself directly within ChatGPT. But Lou makes it simple and intuitive to perform actions that might not otherwise be so easy, and it allows you to do it all from directly within the platform in which you are writing.

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