Judgement Day: Will the rise of the robots be the end of the lawyers?

Advances in artificial intelligence will change the nature of legal work for lawyers, helping to make them more effective and efficient.

The rise of artificial intelligence may also make access to certain legal services more cost-effective or, at the very least, shake up the billable hour model. Lawyers may find themselves selling a product for a flat fee rather than a service.

Driving costs down may also benefit lawyers, enabling them to spend more time on higher-level work and advising and advocating for their clients.

Prof. Michael Legg says society must also ask how AI would comply with ethical and professional responsibility requirements applicable to lawyers: 

“Can AI be programmed to advance the client’s interests but be independent and comply with a paramount duty to the court and the administration of justice? The lawyer has an ethical obligation to their client’s best interests, but it is not just about serving a client.”

“Ultimately, lawyers’ are there to serve society, and that idea can get lost sometimes…But if the profession wishes to remain of service, it can’t be complacent…It’s up to lawyers to continue demonstrating their value to society.”

Source: UNSW Newsroom






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