Josef Q, Tool That Uses GPT To Turn Policies Into Q&As, Comes Out Of Beta 

Australia-based company Josef partnered with OpenAI to develop JosefQ which uses advanced AI to transform policies and regulations — such as privacy, data security, HR and procurement — into digital Q&A tools so that employees or clients can easily get answers to policy and compliance questions. The tool should be particularly useful to businesses, where legal, compliance, information security, and HR teams can use it to provide employees with instant answers about corporate policies and procedures. But already, it has also been used for purposes such as guiding landlord-tenant laws.

 Sam Flynn co-founder and chief operating officer, says that the company spent the last six months researching, developing and testing Josef Q in a private proof of concept that included law firms such as Orrick and Gunderson Dettmer; in-house legal teams at Bupa, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Axel Springer, Fnatic, and Liberis; the Wilson Sonsini affiliated legal tech company SixFifty; and NYU Law School and Cornell Tech.

“The biggest opportunity that GenAI can help with? Clients and businesses don’t engage with complex but important legal and compliance content. This causes all sorts of problems, like junior lawyers spending up to 20% of their day answering FAQs, or businesses failing to comply with important regulations.”

Josef Q combines one of LLMs’ most powerful capabilities, summarization, with proprietary features such as pre-processing, human-in-the-loop training and moderation, and end-user interface design elements, including source display and answer rating.

“Generic tools might get you 50-60% of the way there, but you need more if you want to deliver real value in these high-risk environments.”

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