Jordan Furlong says he is done predicting the future of the legal profession because it is here now

The Canadian legal market is progressing similarly to Western common law countries like Australia, New Zealand, England, Wales, and Scotland. However, European countries tend to be less open to innovation, change in practice, and gender issues in the law. South America seems to be more new-world-oriented than Europe.

If I had to choose between practising law in the US or Canada, I would choose Canada. I love living here, and I think Canadian law firms are more sensibly and humanely run. However, I do believe that Canadian firms need to be more ambitious and less complacent, especially considering the challenges that lie ahead. We must take fundamental issues seriously and consider our role as legal professionals and our firms’ place in the community.

We are in an extraordinary time with many challenges and opportunities. It’s essential to think beyond short-term goals and profits and to focus on the bigger picture. We must be ready for the storms and work together to overcome them.

Source: Canadian Lawyer






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