John Craske on CMS’s Agile GenAI Strategy After the Harvey Deal

CMS has implemented a new AI system called Harvey, designed explicitly for legal purposes, to be used on paid client matters. John Craske, the Director of Innovation at CMS, discussed their broader AI strategy. In November 2023, a pilot program involving 100 UK-based individuals began using Harvey for tasks like reviewing documents, drafting clauses, and summarising case reports. CMS has identified about 90 use cases in total for Harvey. Lawyers can use Harvey as part of their billable work for clients.

The company will have licenses for “low hundreds” of users and has discovered that lawyers save more than an hour for each task completed with Harvey. Harvey’s cost has been estimated at around $1,200 per seat per year or approximately £1,000 per seat. Smaller firms will need to find alternative methods to engage with genAI tools. The use of legal AI tools, as well as other legal tech products designed to increase efficiency through automation, will lead to a transformation in how lawyers operate, and how time-based legal economics affect the structure of law firms.

Source: Artificial Lawyer






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