Is AI about to transform the legal profession?

AI represents both a threat and an opportunity for the legal profession. A 2021 report from the UK’s Law Society forecast a ‘savage reduction’ in full-time jobs by 2050 with

Those human lawyers who remain will work alongside technology – and be required to take ‘performance-enhancing medication in order to optimise their own productivity and effectiveness’

And a study this year from the universities of Pennsylvania, New York and Princeton found

the top industries exposed to advances in language modelling are legal services and securities, commodities, and investments.

At the same time, AI can play a hugely valuable role in researching and putting cases together. Although there is precedent for things going horribly wrong.

“I don’t think that it is a technology story, it’s a lawyer stor…You’ve got to get through the lack of professionalism and the lack of ethics, before you get to the fact that the tool was something he shouldn’t have been using.”

AI is not replacing humans, it’s not replacing lawyers. What it is doing is supercharging people’s understanding and implementation of their legal rights. And in a world where everyone is using AI, this could be very important.

Source: BBC






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