Integreon Looks to Disrupt $20 billion Industry and Becomes the First Generative AI-Led ALSP with Leah Legal Copilot by ContractPodAi

Leah is a cutting-edge AI solution that empowers legal teams and law firms to enhance their work with productivity gains. Enabled by generative AI and multiple, best-in-class LLMs such as GPT-4 Turbo and Google, it revolutionises the way legal documents are reviewed, analysed, summarised, created, and interconnected

Over the last two years, alternative legal services providers (ALSP) have grown by 45% into a $20.6 billion industry primed for innovation. Integreon supports clients across a wide range of services while integrating new technologies and automated programs as they become more prevalent in the market. With Leah, Integreon clients will benefit from generative AI and its ability to streamline services and deliver even more efficiency, especially in high-volume work with low or medium complexity. Integreon will directly impact ROI with better scalability and productivity gains.

Source: Yahoo Finance



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