How AI Can Bolster Know-How And Unlock A New Creative Workplace

AI will likely replace some jobs just like new technology has done for over a century. Consider that 60% of jobs today had yet to be “invented” in 1940. Speculation around jobs being created vs. taken away has focused on creative industries. 

Things will change, but that doesn’t need to include replacing humans. Instead, it can reduce creatives’ busy work and allow time for more inspiring, meaningful work. Most creatives in your company would see that as a big win.

This brings me to my case: Don’t focus on how your company could get left behind in the AI race; instead, think about how you can get ahead with it.

Not only will your company reap the creative benefits of AI, but as an early adopter, you will also be able to understand generative AI’s pitfalls and ultimately learn how to work better with AI by knowing what to tell it, what prompts work best and how to effectively fit the tech into your workflow in a powerful way. New, innovative technologies almost always have growing pains, and generative AI isn’t immune. 

The creative world is seeing issues like hallucinations, outdated information results via search queries, copyright infringements and prompt hacking. So it’s essential to be aware of the obstacles and the benefits, which I’m about to make a case for.

Source: Chief Executive






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