Hogan Lovells legal tech brand ELTEMATE launches refined and customized chatbot CRAIG

Lawyers can use ELTEMATE CRAIG to draft legal documents, summarise large sets of facts, extract and structure information into legal documents, create fact chronologies and much more. Lawyers will use this generative AI tool for clients and also internally at the firm.

ELTEMATE CRAIG’s sophisticated refining and customisation process enables clients to increase productivity and operational efficiencies in a way that humans usually find difficult and time-consuming.

“This is not an off-the-shelf chatbot. Our team delivers a legally refined and truly customised solution. It dramatically reduces the time our lawyers and clients spend on onerous tasks, such as extracting certain data from large documents when working on due diligence. Draft legal summaries and chronologies based on specific facts now take minutes rather than hours to prepare. The practical implications of this technology are significant.”

Miguel Zaldivar, CEO at Hogan Lovells

With businesses placing an ever-increasing emphasis on efficiency, ELTEMATE CRAIG is a chatbot based on high-quality data to provide robust results in bespoke formats that meet the outputs needed by legal professionals across all industries.

“We continue to lead on legal tech developments. Our new AI solution, ELTEMATE CRAIG, is fast and delivers highly customised results. To compete in the global economy, clients prioritise efficiency more than ever. We have developed ELTEMATE CRAIG to deliver high-quality service even more efficiently, and we look forward to sharing this new solution with clients.”

Sebastian Lach, Partner at Hogan Lovells and Co-CEO of ELTEMATE

Sebastian Lach, Partner at Hogan Lovells and Co-CEO of ELTEMATE, said: 

Source: Hogan Lovells



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