Harvey partners with OpenAI to build a custom-trained model for legal professionals.

Harvey is a generative AI platform that provides AI systems to assist professionals in law, tax, and finance with tasks requiring complicated reasoning and extensive domain knowledge. The platform was founded by an attorney and an AI researcher who saw an opportunity to use LLMs to synthesise information and present it to lawyers for review. They have grown to a team of over 100 people, increased revenue over 10x in 2023, and raised $80M in Series B funding at a $715M valuation.

Recently, Harvey collaborated with OpenAI to create a custom-trained case law model that has enabled it to provide better and more comprehensive legal advice. The custom-trained model, which uses 10 billion tokens worth of data, was tested with ten of the largest law firms, and lawyers preferred its output 97% of the time. Harvey is eager to explore other applications of the case law model, such as drafting briefs and motions.

Source: OpenAI



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