Harvey AI To Move Out Of Early Access Phase, Release More Affordable Versions Of Its Custom AI Models

Harvey, a generative AI legal tech startup supported by Open AI, has secured a $5 million seed round, $21 million Series A, and $80 million Series B with a valuation of $715 million. It has partnered with major law firms such as Allen & Overy and PwC to integrate its AI platform into their global practice. Harvey has remained mysterious, but its founders plan to come out of the early-access phase during Q3 2024. The company is building custom models and related products such as tax, legal and human resources models and a Vault product that will allow customers to apply generative AI capabilities to extensive document collections. Harvey will begin offering commercial access to some of its products later this year and start with its case law models. The company has partnered with OpenAI to build custom-trained caselaw models for U.S. law and will add other jurisdictions.

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