Google And Hugging Face Partner To Advance Generative AI With Open Models

Google has foundation models that are exclusively available on its public cloud platform. Gemini, one of the top-performing large language models, was announced last month. Other models like Imagen, Chirp and Codey are part of the Vertex AI offering. With the integration of Hugging Face with Google Cloud, customers get the choice of proprietary models and open models for building and deploying generative AI applications in the cloud.

The partnership between Google and Hugging Face is expected to democratize AI by making it easy for companies to build their own AI using open models and technologies. As Hugging Face becomes the central hub for open-source AI software, this collaboration will likely double the size of its repository of AI-related software.

The new capabilities, including Vertex AI and GKE deployment options, are expected to be available to Hugging Face Hub users in the first half of 2024.

Source: Forbes



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