Generative AI part of day-to-day work for 50% of lawyers: survey

The survey conducted by LexisNexis revealed that 50% of lawyers in Australia and New Zealand are using generative AI tools. Corporate/in-house lawyers were the most likely to use generative AI daily. The survey found that generative AI was most commonly used for email drafting (18%) and legal research (15%). The majority of respondents believed that generative AI could improve efficiency. However, 52% of respondents were sceptical about the ability of generative AI tools to handle complex legal research queries.

Additionally, 84% of respondents expressed concerns about the ethical implications of generative AI use in legal practice. Furthermore, the survey revealed that about 60% of respondents believed they would be ‘left out’ if they didn’t use AI tools. Finally, 78% of respondents thought that AI tools would impact the way firms operate and charge clients.

Source: Australasian Lawyer






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