Generative AI and the future of the legal profession

LexisNexis surveyed 1,175 legal professionals in the UK concerning their attitudes and usage of generative AI. 

Although the survey referenced expectations for substantial growth in usage with many firms exploring how to introduce generative AU in a safe manner, respondents from large law firms state that they used it

  • 3% daily.
  • 6% weekly.
  • 3% monthly.

with 88% of lawyers in large law firms not using this generative AI once a month.

Generative AI has the potential to save businesses time and money, conversley if managed poorly, it could be costly

Any reports that lawyers are being laid off due to generative AI are shortsighted; although it could happen in the future it seems that although generative AI won’t take your job – people who know how to use generative AI will.

Source Lexis Nexis



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