Four Months After Launching Its ‘Homegrown’ GenAI Tool, Law Firm Gunderson Dettmer Reports On Results So Far, New Features, And A Surprise on Cost

Gunderson Dettmer, a law firm based in Silicon Valley, developed a chatbot called ChatGD to improve communication between lawyers and clients.

ChatGD is an AI-powered language tool that has been used in a variety of ways by different professionals in a law firm.

Lawyers have used it to retrieve and manipulate language in legal agreements, draft emails, summarise documents and articles, and brainstorm legal language for presentations.

Business and technology professionals have used it to create and repurpose marketing content, answer request for proposals, prepare for meetings, structure data, write code, and improve written communications.

Despite the range of uses, most people have used ChatGD as expected, with some exceptions, such as an attorney who used it to write a birth announcement for his daughter.

By self-hosting an open-source model for RAG vector embeddings and leveraging GPT 3.5 Turbo, they were able to keep the cost of providing ChatGD to the entire firm below $10,000.

This week, the firm released major updates to ChatGD, including prompt-routing and open-source embedding models. They are using three different foundational models as part of ChatGD’s tech stack and deploying the best available model for each particular purpose. The firm is also prepared to upgrade its fact-retrieval LLM to GPT 4 Turbo as soon as it becomes available for production use.

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