EY Unveils Fruits of $1.4 Billion Artificial-Intelligence Investment

Ernst & Young has created its own large language model, EY.ai EYQ. The EY.ai platform includes new and existing EY products that now have AI embedded in them, such as EY Fabric, which, according to the company helps companies manage their data. It also has a library of use cases that essentially provide a path for how companies can safely and effectively deploy AI at scale.

EY’s new large language model EY.ai EYQ is trained on publicly available data from the internet, but customers don’t need to be concerned that prompts they feed the model could find their way back into its training data.

A few of EY’s peers have also made AI announcements over the past year. 

  • KPMG plans to spend $2B in AI and cloud services globally over the next five years. Also in July
  • Accenture announced a $3B investment to expand its data and AI practice.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers plans to invest $1B in generative AI in its U.S. operations over three years, and 
  • Deloitte is planning to spend  $1.4 B on employee training on technologies including AI.

EY’s goal is to train the model on its library of data and create a series of use-specific LLMs, such as an LLM trained on EY’s hundred-plus years’ worth of tax data.

EY also plans to train its entire global workforce of 400,000 on AI. 

Source: WSJ






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