Exploring the Nexus of Large Language Models and Legal Systems: A Short Survey

There is a significant shift in natural language processing tasks in the legal sector, thanks to the development of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). LLMs are now proving exceptionally useful in the legal domain, offering unique advantages and presenting various challenges. This survey examines the relationship between LLMs and the legal system, exploring how they can be used for tasks such as legal text comprehension, case retrieval, and analysis. It also focuses on the primary challenges LLMs face in the legal domain, such as ethical considerations, interpretability, and bias, as well as how researchers are working to address these issues. The survey goes on to showcase the latest advancements in fine-tuned legal LLMs optimised for various legal systems, along with legal datasets that can be utilised to fine-tune LLMs in different languages. Lastly, it provides suggestions for future research and development.

Source: Arivx.org



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