Exclusive: Launching Today Is The First Meeting Bot Specifically for Legal Professionals, for Use In Depositions, Hearings, and More

DepoDirect has launched CoCounsel.ai, a meeting bot specifically designed for legal events like arbitrations, hearings, and depositions. CoCounsel.ai produces real-time transcripts formatted according to legal standards and provides bookmarking and archiving functionalities that allow an entire litigation team to collaborate in real-time. This tool enables attorneys to streamline their workflow and be more productive and provides a more affordable alternative to traditional stenographic real-time services.

Although there are many such products available, none of them are specifically designed to meet the needs of legal professionals. Two states permit lawyers to use their recording equipment during depositions without prior notice, while 33 states allow it with advance notice, according to the company. The remaining 15 states allow it under certain conditions.

Source: Law Sites






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