Eve raises $14M to launch personalized legal AI assistant

Eve differentiates itself from other services on the market, such as Harvey AI, through its ease of implementation and focus on personalization. As a result, smaller firms and solo practitioners can “hire” Eve and use the service as part of their casework and teach it to become part of the firm’s infrastructure.

“You can take it and teach it how you operate your firm and you can embed your secret sauce of what makes you delight your clients, what makes you process cases faster…Even teaching and onboarding it as you would a new hire. And that’s what we’re seeing resonate with the market.”

Out of the box, the AI comes with an already set “skill library,” what would be expected of any new hire that includes a large number of low-level tasks covering litigation, transactional law and other specific practice areas. All of these can be easily customized by the legal firm that has taken on the implementation of Eve with their specialization and over time Eve will learn to operate alongside the firm’s already existing employees and help them do their work faster.

The vision for Eve for most legal customers is that if they’re currently drowning in tedious “grunt work,” and hiring a new attorney or paralegal is outside their budget, they can use the AI service. Not only becoming part of their operation but also coaching| them on how to use it better.

Source: SiliconAngle






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