Embracing the Future: The Latest Legal AI Release Signifies a Groundbreaking Shift

AI adoption is occurring at an exponential rate, and as a result, generative AI tools are already a familiar concept to lawyers and the general public alike.

According to a recent report released by LexisNexis, “Generative AI & the Legal Profession 2023 Survey Report,” 86% of legal professionals surveyed shared that they were aware of generative AI compared to only 57% of all other consumers. More than a third of lawyers (36%) and nearly half of law students (44%) have used it either personally or professionally, and 19% of survey respondents reported using it in their work.

Collaboration between industry giants like LexisNexis and the legal community will ensure the generative AI’s relevance, accuracy, and security, ultimately benefiting legal clients and enhancing the practice of law as a whole.

By embracing these groundbreaking advancements and adapting to the ever-evolving legal landscape, lawyers and law firms will be better equipped to navigate the challenges ahead. This progressive shift will also contribute to shaping a more innovative and dynamic legal industry that is well-positioned to tackle the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Source: Sui Generis – a New York law blog






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