Dentons to launch client secure version of ChatGPT

Dentons, the world’s largest global law firm, is to launch fleetAI; a proprietary version of ChatGPT allowing its lawyers to apply generative artificial intelligence on active client matters. A chatbot based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM enables the firm’s lawyers to conduct legal research, generate legal content and identify relevant legal arguments. A second bot allows multiple legal documents to be uploaded so that key data such as clauses and obligations can be extracted, analysed and queried.

Guidance will be provided to partners and staff on how to use the tool, what to use it for and the risks. Users will be required to independently verify and validate all outputs and disclose them to clients when interacting with fleetAI. Dentons has worked with Microsoft to ensure that all data uploaded into fleetAI:

  • is not used to train the model, 
  • cannot be accessed by anyone outside of Dentons and 
  • is erased after 30 days.

Following the August 2023 launch, there will be a 6-week beta testing period after which Dentons will review all feedback and produce practice-specific usage guidance.

Source: Dentons



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