Demystifying Black Box AI: 7 Tips For Lawyers To Promote Explainable AI

Preventing biases lurking within AI systems is a major reason regulators emphasize the need for “explainable” AI.  But how can lawyers describe the inner mysteries of AI models when even technology specialists refer to specific functions as “black box AI”? 

Blackbox AI refers to machine learning models that are difficult or impossible to interpret or explain. This lack of transparency can be problematic in applications where the decisions made by the model have a significant impact on human lives, such as in healthcare or criminal justice.

However, even the AI experts who create and train AI black box models don’t always fully understand their internal processes and decision-making mechanisms. 

Legal practitioners play a vital role in ensuring AI solutions adhere to the principles of fairness, neutrality, and unbiased decision-making. This article lists seven tips to help lawyers navigate black box AI and promote the use of explainable AI for a more inclusive future.

Source: Above the Law






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