CLM Company SpotDraft Unveils Generative AI Contract Review Add-In for Word (and For A Time It’s Free)

VerifAI is a generative AI add-in for Microsoft Word scans, created by contract lifecycle management company Spotdraft, VerifAI checks, and verifies a contract draft against guidelines that you define to ensure that the draft complies with your specific standards.

The second component, Ask VerifAI, is a chat interface that answers contextual and logical questions about a contract in natural language. Users can ask complex questions such as, 

“What are the conditions for unilateral termination of this agreement?” 

VerifAI will read through the contract, process the relevant information, and highlight the appropriate clauses for the user to see. Ask VerifAI chat feature is still in beta but will be out of beta within a few weeks

Until the end of December, anyone can use VerifAI for free.

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