Clients more optimistic about AI than legal professionals, says Clio’s 2023 Legal Trends Report

The Legal Trends Report surveyed 1,446 legal professionals, including lawyers, paralegals and administrators, from May 31 to July 20; and 1,012 adults in the U.S. general population, from June 13 to June 22 suggesting that the tech will help lawyers and others in the profession work faster and more efficiently. Yet despite the technology’s early promise, legal professionals and clients are cautious,although clients and potential clients are “slightly more optimistic” about the benefits of AI when it comes to better affordability and higher-quality legal services.

“Rather than turning lawyers into robots, AI will help take the robotic tasks away from lawyers and legal professional…If AI is the tool that helps us carry the burden of running a law firm, it in turn optimizes our time. so that we can focus on the more meaningful work of connecting and helping other human beings.”

Clio founder and CEO Jack Newton

In addition, 32% of clients are more likely to agree that AIʼs benefits outweigh the costs, compared to 19% of legal professionals. The same percentage of clients think that the justice system could be improved with AI, compared to 19% of legal professionals; 27% of clients say that courts should use AI, compared to 17% of legal professionals; and 32% of clients think that AI will improve the quality of legal services, compared to 21% of legal professionals.

Even though lawyers and other legal professionals are wary, 19% of lawyers already use AI in their practices, and 51% plan to use it. Among the 71% of those planning to use it, they want to do so within the next year.

Source: ABA Journal



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