Clayton Utz forensic tech director: Generative AI is beginning to understand the law itself

The use of generative AI has elicited mixed reactions, but William Howe, the forensic technology director at Clayton Utz, believes that this technology has great potential to revolutionize the legal industry.

Howe has been instrumental in developing products incorporating ChatGPT for the legal profession, including an ESG tool that can summarise climate change law.

The legal profession needs to be conscious of the legal risks. There’s a lot of experimentation happening with generative AI, so it’s important for lawyers to advise their stakeholders to ensure safety and mitigate the risks throughout the process. The experimentation is happening right now so there is a sense of urgency around this.

While acknowledging the risks associated with this advancement, he is enthusiastic about the benefits AI can bring to the legal profession. In this interview, Howe will discuss the sophistication of AI fakes, the critical role of in-house legal teams, and the biggest myth about AI that he wants to dispel.

Source: Australasian Lawyer






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