Cheating is All You Need

The Google Brain team published a paper in 2017 called Attention is All You Need.It introduced the now-famous Transformer architecture that you see to the left.Everyone uses this now. It replaced ~everything in AI.Google did absolutely nothing with this invention, opting for violent knee-jerking later, as per their usual M.O.Meanwhile, others started training massive Transformers on obscene amounts of data. They began calling them Large Language Models (LLMs).OpenAI came along with ChatGPT on November 30th 2022, the first LLM-based chatbot, missing out on an obvious opportunity to call it Large Marge. Why did they not do this.Ever since then has been full batshit insanity, with new LLM-based products launching daily and technical advances happening every few hours. It’s impossible to track it all.Money Volcano Alert: First lava flecks detected.

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