Charted: Changing Sentiments Towards AI in the Workplace

Is generative AI 

  • the catalyst for the next industrial revolution? 
  • A flash in the pan? 

Is the entire workforce destined to become AI makers and managers?

Boston Consulting Group surveyed 13,000 people (C-suite leaders, managers, and frontline employees) in 18 different countries on how the labour force feels about AI in the workplace today, compared to how they felt five years ago; dividing their top two responses into five categories: Curiosity, Optimism, Concern, Confidence, and Indifference.

Survey respondents are more optimistic than concerned about AI.

But there are vast differences in perceptions of AI between leaders and frontline employees, and companies need to address them.

Employees recognise the need for training and upskilling that this new era will require, but few have actually received it.

Almost all respondents see the need for responsible AI and regulation.

However, despite the increase in popularity of AI due to large language models (LLMs) and tools, there are no quick or easy answers.




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