Can AI Help Find Untapped Revenue? Orgaimi + Faegre Drinker Believe So

Orgaimi is a startup focusing on legal tech and fintech, using AI and data science to analyse client data and identify untapped revenue opportunities. They recently partnered with the US law firm Faegre Drinker to help evaluate services provided to clients and predict client needs. One case study on their website describes how they helped a global law firm increase revenue by $38 million by identifying and addressing inactive clients. Faegre Drinker’s Chief Innovation Officer expressed optimism about the partnership and the potential value of leveraging advanced predictive analytics. Orgaimi’s approach aims to reduce client turnover and enhance the client experience. The company’s CEO and Head of Growth highlighted the benefits of leveraging data assets to improve operational efficiency and client service and propel growth and success through the precise utilisation of AI.

Source: Artificial Lawyer



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