Big Law’s AI Challenge Drives New Conversation About Training

Law firms are trying to quickly devise comprehensive internal training regimens, even as the technology advances with some offering in-person seminars taught by outside specialists and video-learning presentations from law firm training platforms.

They want to avoid pitfalls that range from exposing sensitive client data to inaccurate information, like the AI-generated court brief that recently landed two New York lawyers in hot water.

US law schools are also working to meet student demand for up-to-date courses about the fast-evolving tech.

“Firms are looking for candidates comfortable and knowledgeable in this space,

Several firms are in the process of developing policies that aim to lessen the risks generative AI tools pose. One concern with large language models combined with client data is the data ingested by public ChatGPT and similar tools isn’t kept confidential and could be breached.

Source: Bloomberg






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