Australia’s Digital Platform Regulators Release Working Papers on Risks and Harms Posed by Algorithms and Large Language Models

Australia’s Digital Platform Regulators Forum (DP-REG) has released two working papers addressing AI policy globally. The papers, focusing on algorithmic content moderation, recommender systems, and targeted advertising, emphasise the risks and benefits of algorithms in digital platforms.

The DP-REG aligns its recommendations with the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act, suggesting a potential inspiration from Europe’s AI regulatory framework.

The first working paper (Algorithms WP) underscores the importance of mitigating harms like false positives and negatives in content moderation, potential biases in recommender systems, and risks associated with targeted advertising.

The second paper (LLM WP) highlights the limitations of large language models (LLMs), including the lack of proper understanding, potential inaccuracies, and risks related to web scraping public data without consent.

Transparency emerges as a common recommendation, and the DP-REG acknowledges the challenge of balancing innovation and regulation. The forum plans to participate in Australian Government discussions to shape the country’s response to these technologies. The Australian Federal Government’s initiative to form a copyright and AI reference group further indicates proactive steps toward responsible AI leadership in Australia.

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