Australia may ask tech companies to label content generated by AI platforms such as ChatGPT

The Australian government is considering regulating and labelling content generated by AI technologies due to public concerns. They will release a response that highlights the potential for AI and automation to increase the country’s GDP. However, there is a need for stricter regulation for high-risk applications such as self-driving cars or programs assessing job applications. The government pledges to establish an expert advisory group to develop AI policy and further guardrails, as well as a voluntary “AI safety standard” for businesses integrating AI tech into their systems. They will also consult the industry on new transparency measures and introduce mandatory safeguards such as pre-deployment risk and harm prevention testing for new products. The paper outlines specific concerns around high-risk AI systems, such as those used to predict a person’s likelihood of recidivism, suitability for a job, or enabling a self-driving vehicle.

Source: The Guardian






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