Artificial intelligence

The EU is the first legislator in the world to attempt to establish a law on artificial intelligence. As the first legislative proposal of its kind, it can set a global standard for AI regulation in other jurisdictions, just as the GDPR (general data protection regulation) has done for data privacy, thereby promoting the European approach to tech regulation on the world stage.

By setting these standards, the EU wants to pave the way for a global approach to artificial intelligence that is:

  • ethical
  • safe
  • trustworthy

The higher the risk, the stricter the rules

The AI act addresses the risks associated with specific uses of AI, categorising them into four levels of risk and establishing different rules accordingly.

Interactive diagram showing an inverted pyramid composed of four types of AI systems corresponding to different levels of risk.

The new rules establish certain obligations for AI providers and regulates authorisation of AI systems on the EU single market.

Source: Council of the EU



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