Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Judicial Guidance

The usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing rapidly in society, including the court and tribunal system. Therefore, all judicial officeholders need to be aware of the potential risks involved. The guidance document highlights the need to be mindful that the public versions of these tools are open. Hence, Court registries must not enter private or confidential information into them.

A cross-jurisdictional judicial group, after consulting with all judicial officeholders, has produced this guidance to assist the judiciary, their clerks, and other support staff on the use of AI. We want to thank all those who responded to the consultation and the working group members for their contribution.

The text outlines the first step of a plan to support the judiciary in their interactions with AI. The judicial group intends to review all work as technology continues to develop. In the future, the group plans to consider publishing an FAQ document to support the guidance. The FAQ document will answer questions submitted by the judiciary in both courts and tribunals and will be published on the judicial intranet.

Source: Courts & Judiciary UK






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