Al Tamimi & Company and Harvey announce strategic partnership to enhance legal services with Artificial Intelligence

Al Tamimi & Company, the leading law firm in the Middle East and North Africa, has entered a strategic partnership with Harvey, the leading provider of generative artificial intelligence solutions for the legal sector. 

Al Tamimi & Company has become the first regional firm to partner with Harvey and begin deploying its system with the firm’s lawyers.

The partnership will enable Al Tamimi & Company to tap into Harvey’s advanced AI platform, leveraging natural language processing, machine learning, and data analytics for automating and enhancing legal functions like contract assessment, due diligence, document creation, research, and compliance.

Through this partnership, Al Tamimi & Company aims to deliver faster and more accurate legal solutions to its clients across a wide range of practice areas and industries, as well as to enhance its internal capabilities, productivity, and competitiveness. 

Additionally, this partnership offers an opportunity for Al Tamimi & Company to work with Harvey to enhance the platform’s Arabic language proficiency.




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