AI Judges, Federal Reserve Droids: Artificial Intelligence Could Be Useful To Secure Objectivity

…but let’s not get carried away

In most civil trials in which a preponderance of the evidence standard is applied, the judge or jury determines which side is at least 51% likely to be in the right, and that side wins. A higher percentage threshold determines when the burden of proof has been met in cases with a clear and convincing evidentiary standard, and one that is higher still for a criminal conviction assessed at the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.

One of the problems with this system is that no such thing as a completely objective human being exists. Yet, no matter how many protections are put in place, any time a human being is in charge of making a decision, the result is going to be coloured in some way beyond just the directly relevant informational inputs.

AI judges might be something to think about. We already know that when enough of the rules are known, when an AI is fed good information, and when we know the goals to be pursued, machines can ultimately make better decisions than humans. 

Source: Above the Law






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