Ada Lovelace Institute statement on the EU AI Act

The Ada Lovelace Institute welcomes the political agreement reached in December 2023 on the EU AI Act. The Act represents a practical and workable compromise that can help achieve the objectives of protecting health, safety, and fundamental rights and providing legal clarity and certainty. Although the AI Act has some contentious and potentially flawed elements, it is still the best way for the EU to mitigate the full range of risks that may arise from the development and deployment of AI.

The Act prohibits certain uses of AI to prevent dystopian AI scenarios and set a common EU floor for human rights protection. The Act’s obligations on high-risk AI, such as data governance and human oversight, can help reduce the risks of harm that could arise from automated monitoring in workplaces or schools, automated decisions for social benefits, or computer vision techniques for medical diagnoses. The AI Act supports innovation rather than hindering it. To protect its people and support its businesses, European lawmakers must pass the AI Act and turn urgently to implementation and enforcement.

Source: Ada Lovelace Institute






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